A holistic way to improving your health

Why is BICOM® so popular?

The simple answer is people FEEL better. Over 80% of people report an improvement.

The BICOM® Method is based on decades of experience and is in use in over 90 countries.

What is the BICOM® Method?

Despite the scientific advances over the past century, more people are turning towards holistic methods.

The BICOM® method has been successful in helping people for the past 30 years. It is non-invasive, suitable for all age groups and can even be used to treat animals.

This method uses Biophysics, rather than Biochemistry and assists the body’s ability to self-regulate.

Every form of matter is condensed energy and radiates out this energy in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. Every substance displays specific, characteristic wavelengths. These are termed ‘frequency patterns.’

The BICOM® method focuses on  frequency patterns of an individual and substances that may benefit or impact heath and well-being.

Total Body Load

Imagine the body is an empty barrel. 

Every time you are exposed to a stressor, a little more is added to the barrel. 

If the number of stressors we are exposed to remains low, the regulatory mechanisms in our bodies can prevent the barrel from overflowing by processing and eliminating these stressors.

The size of the barrel differs from person to person and represents an individual’s constitution. 

However, when the body is exposed to too many of these stressors at once, the barrel overflows, which may result in a person becoming ill. 

This concept is known as Total Body Load.

BICOM® in Australia

Training in the BICOM® Method can give you a rewarding career path. 

Established in Europe for over 30 years, the BICOM® Method was introduced in Australia in 1998. 

There are now over 100 BICOM® accredited professionals throughout Australia. BICOM Australia is the sole agent in Australia for the REGUMED in Germany

Training to become an accredited BICOM® Professional

Make sure your training is approved by the BICOM® manufacturer, REGUMED®  

BICOM Australia, through REGUMED® has approved trainers for BICOM® . Upon successful completion of the course, REGUMED® will issue an accreditation certificate.

Training Details

Lifeworks Health Clinic QLD
  • Insurance is available following completion of the course and its competencies
  • For course dates and more information click HERE
  • Contact Marcia Pitman 
    0480 127 068

REGUMED® approved Training in Australia

Our training courses are closely aligned with those taught in Germany. Our training manuals use REGUMED® material plus additional information relevant to Australia and have been approved by REGUMED® for accuracy.

Practical training manuals, a  Protocol Poster,  and two theoretical text books   are included in the price of the course.  All manuals and handouts are in English.

For full details please Contact Us

Annual BICOM® Congress, Germany

The annual BICOM® Congress is held Germany.  This Congress is where new aspects of research and BICOM® Method are discussed.  Key opinion leaders present in their field of expertise and participants are able to attend these as well as specialist workshops. 

With this event drawing over 500 BICOM® professionals worldwide, this represents a great forum, for meeting others from all over the world, learning and exchanging ideas.  Most presentations are in German but with simultaneous translation into English. The proceedings are published in both English and German, and available to certified BICOM® professionals only.

Plan ahead – the 2024 BICOM® Congress is scheduled for May – dates to be advised.  

Australian BICOM® Seminar

Since 2017, BICOM Australia and REGUMED® have proudly supported the Australian seminars which allows certified local BICOM® professionals the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, and hear from key opinion leaders on advanced topics. 

This event is usually run over 3 days in various Australian capital cities and hosts both Australian and international guest speakers.

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