Differences between Bicom devices

BICOM Australia is the official Regumed distributor in Australia. The only device currently in manufacture is the Optima Plus.

However, there are still limited numbers of the first generation of Optima (2009) available for purchase. If this is of interest, please enquire through our contact form HERE

Bicom 2000

  • Frequency range from 10Hz to 150KHz and one Main Therapy Channel
  • This model was discontinued and superseded by the Bicom Optima in 2009.

Bicom Optima

Launched in 2009, incorporated the following technological advances:

  • Inclusion of the low deep frequency range of 1-25Hz. This is for the neurological oscillations (brain waves) of the body and includes 135 programs in this frequency range.
  • Channel 2 – allowing stabilising programs or substances to be run simultaneously with the Main Channel. This supports the body and enables two programs to be run saving time and increasing effectiveness.
  • Stored Substance Complexes – over 400 stored substance complexes in the device which can be called up by category or alphabetically.
  • Over 220 stored program sequences along with the possibility of creating your own program sequences with up to 6 programs
  • The display shows the placement of applicators, the filling of the input cups and the program parameters.
  • Test lead cable socket on the front
  • Test modulation mat via the software

We do have limited stock of this device still available. If this is of interest, please enquire through our contact form HERE

Optima Plus

Launched in 2016, incorporating further:

  • 2 touch screens
  • A digital EAP clock
  • Additional 175 programs from the Optima
  • Frequency range extended from 150KHz to 250KHz
  • An additional DMI mode of Alternating now included
  • All DMI modes included with + and – magnetic field
  • Thanks to the second therapeutic channel, digital substances and DMI therapy, four therapies can be performed simultaneously.
  • This BICOM is loaded with 548 digital substances in Channel 2
  • Automated testing of the modulation mat providing further confidence in the equipment
  • Basic standardized systematic including 4 new Basic therapies with enhanced amplification and frequency runtime up to 999 seconds
  • Timer function in the right hand display
  • Extension modules 1 and 2 incorporated
  • Now able to search programs according to specific fields
  • Comes with the new cup board instead of single input and output cups

For more information about the Optima Plus, including pricing click HERE. If you have further questions regarding the BICOM devices or would like to receive a phone call, please contact Support for assistance.