Australian BICOM®
Seminar 2020

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20 - 22 March 2020

Starting at 9am

Adelaide, SA


An Event Not to Be Missed

Welcome to BICOM Australia’s annual seminar.

This is a yearly event held in Australia for ongoing BICOM® education with best practice offerings from local and international expert practitioners and trainers.

It is a wonderful opportunity to network and create supportive relationships with fellow practitioners from around the country.

BICOM Australia’s 2020 seminar will be held in Glenelg, Adelaide over 3 days, March 20-22.

This event is open to Certified BICOM® practitioners only.





Speakers, Topics and Timings:

Friday, March 20 – 9 am – 3 pm
Advanced 5 Element & Coupling Protocols: Marcia Pitman

In this session the principles of Chinese medicine and the advanced concept of Five Element within this framework are explored.   This Five Element concept will enable practitioners to initially uncover and identify the broad clinical issues but then refine parameters so that ultimately the specific causes of stress for an organ or meridian are identified. This primary cause within the body may or may not be identified with symptoms.

The CTT Functional Circuits (5E) kit will be introduced and explained within the context of Five Element testing and also how it can direct a practitioner’s understanding into other areas of need within the body.  This subsequently can be incorporated into treatment sessions.   To complement this theory, the digital version of the Functional Circuits (5E) CTT kit using BICOMmultisoft® Pilot will be demonstrated and its clinical application also discussed.  

Marcia Pitman has developed a new protocol which utilises resonant testing with the Biotensor.  This new protocol brings Australian Bioresonance practice in line with teachings from Regumed.  This protocol in turn influences working with the Five Element framework. 

The second section of this course will include ‘Coupling’ which has a natural flow-on from the Five Element testing.  This is a procedure which involves testing of numerous kits, and which informs therapy where more than one vial is used in the input cup. Coupling and its clinical application will be differentiated from testing and treating ‘Combinations’. 

Friday, March 20: 3 pm – 5 pm
BICOMmultisoft® Pilot and BICOM® BodyCheck re-launch

BICOMmultisoft® Pilot and BICOM® BodyCheck will be re-launched as 2 new products to enhance your practice. 

BICOM Australia is pleased to announce our International Guest Presenter, and experienced UK based BICOM® Practitioner and Trainer, Chris Russell to demonstrate the functionality of both BICOMmultisoft® Pilot and BICOM® BodyCheck.  BICOMmultisoft® Pilot encompasses a client database, online invoicing and enables operation of the BICOM® device including digital CTT kits and/or digital substances via a laptop.  In addition,  BICOM® BodyCheck case studies will be presented; including interpretation of the reports generated and the added value this information provides to both the therapist and client.

Saturday, March 21: 9 am – 5 pm
Psychosomatic (Emotional) Protocols: Dr Jürgen Hennecke and Simone Maquinay

This seminar was developed for BICOM® therapists who want to incorporate treating both the “body and soul” of clients as part of their holistic approach.  Participants will learn about the physical-energetic causes behind psychological and neurological symptoms, and appreciate the interchange that occurs between physical and psychological causes manifesting into psychological and physical symptoms respectively.  Practitioners will learn the relevant psychological blockages and simple energetic balances, how psychotherapeutic conversations and methods of treatment can supplement bioresonance: such as Mudras and Tibetan energy; Meridians and emotional affirmations.  Review of how exposure to psychotropic viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and allergens affect psychological and neurological symptoms will be undertaken with practical examples and demonstrations used to support this learning.

Sunday, March 22:  9am – 3 pm
Advanced Allergy Protocols: Dr Jürgen Hennecke & Simone Maquinay

This Advanced Allergy course will provide an in-depth understanding to assist practitioners working with complex allergy clients. Complex cases may arise when for instance: the suspected allergy doesn’t test; the allergen refuses therapy; the allergen has been treated but symptoms and complaints persist; and/or the allergy has been treated but resurfaces.

Advanced theoretical and practical aspects of the protocol for BICOM® Therapists will be covered such that therapeutic success even with difficult allergy clients is achievable. Practical experience will be discussed with conditions such as Neurodermatitis, Asthma, Pollinosis, Colitis and ADD syndrome. 


The Seminar is for Accredited BICOM® Therapists who have completed their training and received their certification.

Tickets will be sold as either a 2 day (Saturday and Sunday) or 3 day event, and only certified BICOM® practitioners are eligible to attend.  Please note the venue has limited capacity. 

Early Bird Pricing (Dec 1-15):
2 day – $450
3 day – $650

Standard Pricing (from Dec 16 until sold out):
2 day – $530
3 day  $730

*Please note, as per our store policy no refunds are available.


Glenelg Pier Hotel
18 Holdfast Promenade
Glenelg SA


20 – 22 Mar 2020 
Fri | 9am – 5pm
Sat | 9am – 5pm
Sun | 9am – 3pm


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Conference attendees are eligible for 15% discount off Best Flexible Rates at the Oaks Plaza Pier & Oaks Liberty Towers when booking online via the Oaks website only. 

Links and discount code will be provided after ticket purchase.

All rooms are subject to availability, and no blocks can be held.

Glenelg is a popular beach-side suburb, as such, numerous accommodation options are available should you prefer to be accommodated outside of these conference venue properties.

Our Speakers

Dr. Jürgen Hennecke MD

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany,  Dr Hennecke has been a General and Holistic Medicine Practitioner (acupuncture, homeopathy, neural therapy) since 1987, and has his own practice in Aachen, Germany.  With over 30 years experience in Bioresonance Therapy and Kinesiology, Dr Hennecke has presented at many seminars globally for Brügemann Institute and  REGUMED®.  Dr Hennecke is the author of  the 2001 book  “Allergy and Oscillation“ which has been translated in 7 languages, and the 2012 book  “Bioresonance: a new view of medicine“.

Simone Maquinay

Born in Liège, Belgium, Simone began her career as a social worker, prior to becoming a Bioresonance and Kinesiology practitioner.  She joined the Aachen practice with Dr Hennecke in 1988.  Simone’s broad holistic expertise includes Shiatsu, she is a Touch-for-Health Instructor, as well as a Gemstone therapist.  Simone has presented globally on the topic of Bioresonance and Kinesiology since 1996. 

Marcia Pitman

Following an extended career in nursing, Marcia Pitman set up her Lifeworks Health Clinic, in Brisbane in 1999.  Marcia has extensive experience having trained and attended courses in both Australia and Germany, and with over 20 years of experience in the field of Bioresonance, is passionate about empowering people to heal themselves.  Marcia has been providing comprehensive training to practitioners across the Asia-Pacific region for over 15 years, and is Australia's accredited REGUMED® Trainer for delivering training certification courses in partnership with BICOM Australia.  Together with Dr Louise Porter, Marcia is the co-author on several practical and theory manuals including "Bioresonance explained" and the "Theory of Energetic Healing".