Bicom Servicing

In order to ensure all equipment is functioning properly, it is recommended your BICOM device is serviced every two years after the 2 year warranty period has expired from the original purchase of a new device.

Donné Bloemhard is the Australian Service Technician for the BICOM devices and can be contacted on 0403 154 369 or at or via the contact form on this page.

Donné travels to each major city once a year for practitioners to have their devices serviced annually.  Alternatively, if devices need servicing outside of these annual scheduled services, they can be couriered to Donné to be serviced. 

Note: The BICOM Device should be packed in its original (Regumed’s) cardboard box in order to minimise possible damage during transport. Should the original box not be available then the Seller should contact the Courier PACK & SEND for professional packing of the Bicom Device.

After the Service has been completed and payment received, Donné will contact the device owner to organise courier pick up from Coffs Harbour (NSW).

BICOM Australia can provide a loan device for emergencies if needed.

Contact Donné