BICOM® Practitioner Training

Make sure your training is approved by the BICOM® manufacturer, REGUMED®

BICOM Australia, through REGUMED® has approved trainers for the BICOM® device. Upon completion of the course, practitioners receive their REGUMED® issued accreditation certificate and are accepted onto the Australian Bioresonance Practitioner Listing.*

These certificates enable you to become a member of the IICT and qualify you for insurance.

*It is a pre-requisite to have purchased a device through BICOM Australia prior to attending the training. For more information on our devices, click HERE

Training Details

Lifeworks Health Clinic QLD
  • Insurance is available following completion of the course and its competencies
  • For course dates and more information click HERE
  • Contact Marcia Pitman
    0480 127 068

REGUMED® approved Training in Australia

Our training courses are closely aligned with those taught in Germany. Our training manuals use REGUMED® material plus additional information relevant to Australia and have been approved by REGUMED® for accuracy.

Practical training manuals, a Bioresonance Protocol Poster,  Books: ’Theory of Energetic Healing’  and ‘Bioresonance Explained’,  are included in the price for the course. 

Training Information

All manuals and handouts are in English and a REGUMED® certificate of attendance and competency is issued to those who successfully complete the course. This certificate is accepted by IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) for membership and practitioner insurance.

BICOM optima® devices are available for students to practice with during training seminars.

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Annual BICOM® Congress, Germany

The annual BICOM® Congress is held in Fulda, located one hour by fast train from Frankfurt airport.  This Congress is where new aspects of research and BICOM® Bioresonance are discussed.  Experienced practitioners, and key opinion leaders present in their field of expertise and participants are able to attend these as well as specialist workshops. 

With this event drawing over 500 therapists worldwide, this represents a great forum, for meeting therapists from all over the world, learning and exchanging ideas.  Most presentations are in German but with simultaneous translation into English. The proceedings are published in both English and German, and available to certified BICOM® Practitioners only.

Usually scheduled every May, the dates for the 2020 BICOM® Congress are confirmed: 1-3 May, optional workshops on 30 April & 4 May.

Annual Australian BICOM® Seminar

Since 2017, BICOM Australia and REGUMED® have proudly supported the Annual Australian seminar which allows certified local BICOM® practitioners the opportunity to broaden their clinical knowledge, and hear from key opinion leaders on advanced clinical topics. 

This event is usually run over 3 days in various Australian capital cities and hosts both Australian and international guest speakers.