Used Device Sales

BICOM Australia facilitates the sale of used BICOM devices nationally and in doing so has produced guidelines for this process.

The following Guidelines for the sale of used BICOM devices have been produced to:
  • Ensure this is done in an open and fair manner for all parties.
  • To ensure that used devices have been serviced and new buyers are purchasing functioning BICOM devices.
  • Maintain an accurate database of BICOM Practitioners, owners and devices within Australia. This is done so that new owners can receive information on training, conferences, seminars and the latest developments and news about BICOM in Australia and internationally.
  • Allow attendance at the International BICOM Congress held in Germany every April. It has always been the case that those people who did not purchase their device through a Regumed Agent have never been eligible to attend the Fulda Congress. In establishing these guidelines, Regumed have agreed to let those who purchase used devices through BICOM Australia attend the International BICOM Congress.
  • Attend Australian Seminars.

Please note, only those who have purchased a device registered through BICOM Australia, and who have received their Level 1 certification in Bioresonance therapy, will be able to attend any BICOM Australian Seminar or international Regumed Seminar.

Buyers please note that:
  • BICOM Australia will facilitate the sale of Used Bicom devices, however all transactions are between seller and purchaser.
  • The price for the sale of the device is set by the seller and directly negotiated between the buyer and the seller.
  • BICOM Australia takes no responsibility for the quality of the equipment being sold.
  • There is No Warranty on any second hand devices and equipment. However there is a 12 month warranty on any replacement parts (excluding batteries) from Dr Donne Bloemhard.
  • BICOM 2000 devices ceased manufacturing in 2009, no spare parts will be available after 2022.
Guidelines for the Seller
  • As at 1st May 2019, BICOM Australia will receive a 5% commission on the sale of used BICOM devices, listed on the Bicom Australia website. This covers administration costs, website listing and email marketing. A standard form is used for the seller to describe their machine for sale.
  • Seller to provide the serial number - this highlights the year of manufacture and model of the device being sold.
  • BICOM Device must have been serviced in the past 12 months by Donne and report provided to potential purchaser – the onus is on seller to courier device to and from Donne and pay for service.
  • Servicing is only provided on BICOM devices; not accessories.
  • Report to be provided by Donne to seller; BICOM Australia recommends this report is shown to any prospective purchaser prior to the sale.
  • Seller will ensure that the device is properly packed to avoid damage during shipping, using original packaging where possible.
Guidelines for the Buyer
  • Ensure the service report is provided prior to purchase.
  • After purchasing the device, contact Tiziana at to ensure we have all of your contact details and device serial number.

Please note that should these guidelines not be followed and the new owner wishes to complete training and go onto the practitioner listing, a $295.00 + GST admin fee will be charged.

>>   Should you wish to discuss selling your current device, please contact BICOM Support.   <<

There are currently no Used Machines for sale

There are currently machines to be listed shortly. Please check back soon or submit your details below to be notified when the listings are online.

BICOM 2000 – B15 Infrared

Price: $7,500

For further enquiry, please contact:
Katherine - 0403 889 501

Manufactured: 2005
Last Serviced: 19 March 2018
Report available upon request

BICOM Optima Plus Mobil

Price: Now $35,990

For further enquiry, please contact:
Kathrine - 0403 889 501

Manufactured: 2018
Last Serviced: March 2019
Report available upon request

BICOM Optima Plus Mobil

Price: $34,990

For further enquiry, please contact:
Lisa Jones - 0414 251 201

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